Napco Wireless RF Receiver NAP-GEM-RECV-XP8
  • Napco Wireless RF Receiver NAP-GEM-RECV-XP8

Napco Wireless RF Receiver NAP-GEM-RECV-XP8


  • Dual Diversity Antennas Minimize Nulls and Enhance Reliability
  • Tamper and RF-Jamming Supervision
  • Separate Programmable Supervisory Times by Device Type
  • Audible Fault-Find Mode in Walk Test

GEM-RECV-XP8 receiver is the hardwired interface to Napco's Wireless-Ready XP-Series and GEM-P800 Control Panels. The wireless system comprises an XP-400, XP-600, or GEM-P800 panel, at least one GEM-RECV-XP8 receiver and one or more companion transmitters. The transmitters may be wireless smoke detectors, space-protection devices, window/door sensors, or other devices that report zone status and supervision information to the receiver without the use of wires. The GEM-RECV-XP8 will accommodate up to 8 wireless transmitters, 4 GEM-SMK wireless smoke detectors, and 4 GEM-KEYF Key-Fob transmitters. The receiver is connected to the keypad 3-wire bus. The receiver monitors each transmitter, updating transmitter status as reports are received, and conveys this information to the control panel. Also monitored is the elapsed time since the last report from each transmitter. If no report is received within a programmed time, the panel will issue Supervisory Failure system trouble.